E.M.R Electronics is a trading division of E.M.R International Limited. The E.M.R International group consists of two divisions:

  • E.M.R Electronics - specialising in the manufacture and supply of wound components to the electronics industry.
  • E.M.R Rewinds - who offer quick turn around facilities for the winding or rewinding of electric motors to customers’ specific requirements. Visit the E.M.R Rewinds website.

The E.M.R group was established in the South West of England over 36 years ago and has seen substantial growth and earned a reputation for both quality of products manufactured and for the customer service that our experienced staff offer.

International Manufacturing Capability
Today E.M.R offer a complete manufacturing solution, working with our partner company in China we can provide extremely cost effective and flexible solutions to production requirements of any size.

E.M.R China Factory