Welcome to E.M.R Electronics -  Transformers Manufacturers, Solinoid Valve Coils, Toroidal Transformers, Coil Winding and General Assembley.

We offer a complete manufacturing solution combining our expertise and established manufacturing facilities in the UK together with high volume capacity capability using our partners in China and India.

E.M.R services include:

  • R&D Prototyping
  • Short production runs
  • Medium to large production runs with significant savings through our partner in China.
  • Sub-Assembly and Assembly
  • Out-sourced repair centre - we can support your product even fter production by becoming your outsourced repair centre

Benefits of using E.M.R

  • Over 40 Years experience in the electronics industry
  • Cost effective solutions for every stage of your product development
  • Planned production runs in far east providing substantial cost reduction on unit prices without the headache of dealing with China
  • Short runs with fast turnaround times offering a total flexibility for prototyping